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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges of Aquafresh RO Installation?...

It is the labour charge with one time installation, It means that if there is a unit required un-install and than re-install it at the same place or same building than there are two charges apply as un-installation charge Rs. 349 and re-installation charge Rs.499. if any extra parts required during the installation is chargeable extra. if any parts like tap pipe line etc are broken during installation than the comany is not responsive for any loss of damages cuased to you.....

What are the charges of Aquafresh RO Service?

Every water purifier needs service after an interval of sometime as per your consumption patten, Generally it required on every 4-6 months and neet to be changed pre-filter candle.
The charges of Service Visit is Rs.250 and Pre-filter candle costs you Rs. 250 additional.

But there is a combo offer for Rs. 399 (visiting charge+Pre-filter Candle)

When RO Filters and RO Membrane Need to be change?

Yes! RO filters and membrane need to be replaced after follow intervals ( it not fixed as it depends upon quatity of water usage and input quality of water) :

  1. Pre-filter Spun Candle = every 4-6 months
  2. Sediment Cartridge = every 12-15 months
  3. Carbon Cartridge = every 12-15 months
  4. RO Membrane = every 6000-8000 ltr

Above estimation is based on assumption with the family size of 4-5 members, TDS level is below 1500 limit, Turbidity is less than .01,

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